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Gran Canyon page

Elefantriders site. UK-based extensive site covering Elefant news, articles, events and links.

Workshop manuals.Years ago Gary of Guernsey and Paul K in the UK put the workshop manuals for several models on the web in PDF format. The site has disappeared but there's good news: you can still access the files at the Internet Archive.

Alex Fischer's site. The best German-language Elefant site on the web - those Germans love their Elefants (anything to avoid BMW ownership I suppose). The site is maintained by enthusiasts - sadly Alex himself died a few years back after illness.

French Elefantriders. These guys ran the 2008 treffen at Bidart. To@ne and the crew also hold events during the year.

Gavin the Elefant fanatic. England-based, Scottish-bred Gav's projects include putting 888, ST2 and Monster S2r engines into Elefants. He tells a good story and also runs a "graveyard" for Elefant parts.

Garage Night Motorcycle TV. This is a web video show I do with a few mates. It's about how to work on your own bike, particularly adventure bikes. Things like steering head bearings, chains and sprockets are covered.

Moro Moto Ricambi in Italy. Sometimes able to source Elefant parts.

Italian Elefant owners.Organisers of the June 2003 Elefant owners' rally - in Sienna, Italy. Cool site with an interactive Elefant showing the colour schemes over the years.

Cagiva Riders Group. The Dutch connection. Check out the events list and other useful pages.

Brazilian Elefant owners. Their site is in Portuguese but the webmaster reckons we all speak "the same Elefant language".

Ducati Motor S.p.A. the Official WWW Site! The power at the heart of the Elefant.

Big Trail Bike Club - Based in the United Kingdom, this group takes in the particular kind of hardhead who wrestles the likes of XTZs, Elefants and those big fat BMWs around rough roads.

Warren Murray elefantman@ozemail.com.au This site is not affiliated with Cagiva Motor/MV Agusta SpA or Ducati Motor SpA