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I own a Cagiva Elefant 750 built in 1995. It's my second Elefant and since getting into these bikes I've learnt a lot about it including strengths and weaknesses. I've found mine to be a fantastic machine suited to both highway and dirt running. I'm an average rider mostly into touring when the opportunity arises.

The links page of this site covers the best Elefant resources on the web, from manuals to Elefant owners' clubs in various countries. Cagiva makes fun bikes but has not always been the best at supplying parts and support - so Elefant owners have banded together to find the best sources for spares and technical information. Thankfully the 'fant is a Ducati at heart, so engine parts are no problem.

The Elefant does have its weaknesses and this site can help you learn about modifications and repairs. Most problems are caused by age combined with wear-and-tear whereas some only arise when the bike is ridden near its limits. Some things will happen to virtually ALL bikes, others will be less prevalent. For most problems that have arisen there are solutions within the capability of a home mechanic.

So if you own one, you're thinking of buying an Elefant or you're just interested in the bike, you're welcome to browse these pages.

And I am always happy to make contact with new Elefant owners (Gran Canyon riders too), so please drop me a line.



Waz the Elefantman
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